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Shave Ice originated in Hawaii, migrant Japanese plantation workers parched by the midday sun shaved large blocks of ice with their machetes, the ice shavings they produced were then sweetened by the sugar cane syrup they were harvesting to produce a refreshing delicacy. Intrigued the locals then introduced fresh fruit juice to this concoction to produce a wonderful match made in heaven - traditional Hawaiian Shave Ice.

This marvellous product was soon introduced to mainland America, initially its growth was restricted by the cumbersome machinery required to shave the large blocks of ice. However, in 1973 a Japanese company developed and introduced the first ice cube shaver”, a counter top machine that produced Shave Ice to rival any traditional machine.

The introduction of the “Hatsuyuki” range of machines (Japanese for freshly fallen snow) has revolutionized the Shave Ice business in America and is set to fuel growth for this amazing product throughout the rest of the world in the coming years.

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