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In USA the Shave Ice market is split into two distinct sectors traditional and contemporary. The traditional market is called "Shave Ice" often known as "Hawaiian Ice" and as the name implies - originates from Hawaii, with this product much emphasis is placed upon the quality of the ice and the authenticity of the flavours – "Shave Ice" is generally sold by people who have a real passion for the product and respect for its heritage.

The contemporary market is called "Shaved Ice" with a "d" or "SnoCones" and is more of a concession based product – This product is generally massed produced and served without frills in a paper cup or cone.

At the Shave Ice Company we have two registered brands– "Hawaiian Ice™" for the traditional market and "Sno-Tubz™" for the contemporary.With "Hawaiian Ice™" we have brand protected the name throughout Europe – impossible to do in the states because "Hawaiian Ice" is a generic term used by the entire shave ice industry. "Sno-Tubz™" was launched in Nov 09 for those customers requiring a contemporary product that would sell during the winter months. A fully branded container featuring a clear plastic domed lid - Sno-Tubz™ is the perfect answer for the indoor market. By incorporating a wintry theme and "Sno" in the brand’s name we have created a product that is proving non seasonal - selling well indoors during the winter months.

Hawaiian Ice

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Sno-Tubz Sno-Tubz

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