Hawaiian Ice

Our traditional brand of Shave Ice from Shave Ice (UK) Ltd.

Hawaiian Ice™ is made by taking ice cubes and using a Hatsuyuki Ice Shaver, shaving them down to the consistency of snow. This snow is collected in the brightly coloured “Flower Cups” and shaped into a dome, Shave Ice syrups are then applied over the top of the snow, Hawaiian Ice™ is light and fluffy just like real snow, resulting in the Shave Ice syrups being actually absorbed and held in suspension in the snow crystals. This means more than one flavour can be applied to the snow creating amazing coloured refreshments whose flavour lasts all the way to the bottom.

Hawaiian Ice™ is ouroriginal Trademark protected brand, we decided at an early stage that the only way we could ensure the high quality of product and service would be to build a brand. It is our aim to establish Hawaiian Ice™ as the leading Shave Ice brand in Europe, its logo becoming a symbol of quality and service.

When customers see the Hawaiian Ice™ brand they know that it means quality and service. The Hawaiian Ice™ brand can only be used for the sale and distribution of Shave Ice (UK) Ltd products.

We require every customer to sign an Agreement before they can use any of the Hawaiian Ice™ products, promotional materials or display the name and logo on their business. By signing the Agreement our customers agree to use only Hawaiian Ice products and abide by our high standards of presentation and service.

Shaved Ice Franchise and Opportunities, Hawaiian Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Franchise Covering UK, Europe and Middle East.
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