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The Right Franch-ICE for you

Hawaiian Shave Ice is the newest and coolest idea to hit the shores of the UK in years. It has a successful pedigree of over 75 years around the globe and is a tried and tested product. If you are looking for a product that can give you a return of anything from 300 - 600% on every sale – then this is the product.

Now is your chance to get in on the ground floor and make some serious money for your company, your organization or just for yourself. The entry level is low -the profits are huge.

At Shave Ice we call our business opportunities a Franch-ICE because they are very similar to a Franchise in as much as we provide a proven successful business model with exclusive products fully protected by Trade Marked brands. As well as exclusive products we also offer a degree of territorial protection, we know how valuable it is to any business to have “sole rights” to a given product and we will endeavour to ensure all our Franch-ICE holders enjoy a certain level of exclusivity. At this point all similarities to a normal Franchise end i.e. we have NO upfront fees, NO monthly royalty fees and NO audits.

All we ask is that in return for you using our TradeMark protected brands you only use Shave Ice format advertising and not to edit or alter the logo or trade mark in anyway, along with a simple supply agreement requiring the purchase of our consumable products (syrups, containers and strawspoons) - not unreasonable given you are retailing our brand.

Types of Franch-ICE for you

Event Franch-ICE

An Event Franch-ICE package includes the 12v battery operated version of the Hatsuyuki Ice Shaver enabling you to trade at various events such as Festivals, Fairs, Fetes, Gymkhanas, Car Boots, Markets etc. in fact anywhere a crowd of people gather together – no mains electricity is required just a car battery and you are good to serve a minimum of 1000 portions per charge.

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Retailer Franch-ICE

A Retailer Franch-ICE is ideal for introducing Shave Ice products into existing operations such as Ice Cream Parlours, Cafes, Restaurants, Diners, Visitor Attractions, Cinemas, Bowling Alleys, Arcades etc.

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Street Traders Franch-ICE

The Street Traders Franch-ICE is based upon 12v version of the Hatsuyuki Ice Shaver installed in either the self-contained Sno-Pod Cart or the novel and equally adaptable Shave Ice Trike. These two options offer the operator a stand alone self contained unit capable of retailing hundreds of pounds worth of product before a being replenished with ice and syrups.

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Ice Cream Mobilers Franch-ICE

All that is required to sell Shave Ice from a mobile van is the 12v version of the Hatsuyuki Ice Shaver. The Shaver can be connected directly to the van battery or run independently off 110 amp hour leisure battery, either way there is very little current drain as power is only drawn when the Ice Shaver is in operation.

So NO continual power drain and NO massively expensive Invertors required.

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Lifestylers Franch-ICE

Presents the perfect opportunity for anyone wanting a change of lifestyle – either quitting the grind of 9 -5, or simply wanting to supplement the families income by using weekends to earn good money whilst having incredible fun selling Shave Ice at local Garden Fete’s, Sports Days, Festivals, Gymkharnas in fact anywhere there’s a young crowd of people.

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Entrepreneurial Franch-ICE

Presents the perfect opportunity for budding entrepreneurs to make their fortune selling Shave Ice products. Childrens Parties (we were recently paid £300 for 3 hours at a kids party in London), Charity Events, renting the machine to Schools for fundraising or Sports Days, Kid’s Football Tournements the list of profit making opportunities for Shave Ice is endless...

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