Entrepreneurial Franch-ICE

Is a successful entrepreneur what you aspire to be? The Entreprenuerial Franch-ICE presents the perfect opportunity for budding entrepreneurs to make their fortune selling Shave Ice products. The list of profit making opportunities for retailing Shave Ice is endless... Weddings, Birthday Parties, Christenings, Children's Parties (we were recently paid £300 for 3 hours work at a kids party in London),  Adult Parties, Theatrical shows, Bar Mitzvahs, Student Events, Religious Ceremonies, Themed Parties, Dinner Parties, Charity Events, Corporate Seminars & Luncheons, Fun Days, Festivals, Fetes, Gymkhanas, Music Concerts, Sport Tournaments , Sports Days – in fact any event where there are children or a gathering of young people.

There is also a massive business either renting the machines out to our entering into a profit share arrangement to fundraising organisations i.e. PTA’s for raising funds at Sports Days etc.

An Entrepreneurial Franch-ICE can be purchased for as little as £1500 or leased purchased for as little as £15 per week. Spend another couple of hundred pounds on a portable gazebo, table and banners and you have a self contained business capable of earning many hundreds of pounds a week. If you have the money to invest or you wish to take the business a little more serious a fully portable and self-contained “Sno-Pod” and be lease purchased for less than £60 per week, this includes the Ice Shaver and sufficient stock and consumables to retail your first £5000 in sales!

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Shaved Ice Franchise and Opportunities, Hawaiian Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Franchise Covering UK, Europe and Middle East.
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