Event Franch-ICE

A Mobile FranchICE package includes the 12v battery operated version of the Hatsuyuki Ice Shaver enabling you to trade at various events such as Festivals, Fairs, Fetes, Gymkhanas, Car Boots, Markets etc. in fact anywhere a crowd of people gather together – no mains electricity is required just a car battery and you are good to serve a minimum of 1000 portions per charge.

Having a Stall, Van or Shack totally dedicated to selling Hawaiian Ice or Sno-Tubz and themed accordingly is where big money can be taken. Shave Ice (UK)’s Hawaiian themed Mega-Shack and its 8 foot Ice Shack Trailer both regularly take upwards of £1000 a day at a various events throughout the year.

Shave Ice is a new product to the U.K. so show organizers are very keen for you to attend their events – because you are bringing something new to the party. Once you get used to haggling with organizers it is surprising what discounts can be negotiated just because a Shave Ice Shack will be adding value to their visitors “event experience”.

The cheapest way of setting up your own Shave Ice Shack is simply to get a gazebo and take it to the fancy dress shop – instantly you have your very own Shave Ice Shack – which will stow away in your carboot. With minimal expense you have set up a business that can take over £1000 per week – we know because we’ve done it!

Of course if you want to make more of an impression - the serious Shave Ice Aficionado can invest in a custom built Mega Shack the coolest Shave Ice catering unit currently available priced at £15-£17k depending on your personal specification. If initially you don’t want to make that level of investment – then new for this season and significantly more affordable is the Ice-Pod a fully equipped self contained Shave Ice Cart that instantly draws a crowd and is superb to trade from – These Pods are going to be the success story of 2010 and are available from £5k depending on the specification and package included.

The great thing about a Shave Ice FranchICE is that you can start at whatever level of investment suits your pocket.

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