Ice Cream Franch-ICE

All that is required to sell Shave Ice from a mobile van is the 12v version of the Hatsuyuki Ice Shaver. The Shaver can be connected directly to the van battery or run independently off 110 amp hour leisure battery, either way there is very little current drain as power is only drawn when the Ice Shaver is in operation.

So NO continual power drain and NO massively expensive Invertors required.


Hawaiian Ice for the Summer Season and Sno-Tubz for the cooler months are the perfect Shave Ice products for mobilers – both products shared the prestigious “Best New Product 2009/2010” at the recent National Ice Cream Alliance exhibition – a very high accolade and important endorsement from the Ice Cream Industry itself.


Hawaiian Ice and Sno-Tubz have significantly higher margins than the majority of items mobilers sell, therefore your overall profit margins will increase. Product loyalty with children is extremely high on these products, so once you have established the product on your run you will be amazed at how quickly the repeat business for the product develops.


“Stuffed Ices” are sold in many parts of America, they are a tantalizing combination of both Shave Ice and Ice Cream, and therefore absolutely perfect for Mobilers. A small portion of Ice Cream is served into one of the Cups and then covered with a portion of Shaved Ice and Flavoured Syrup –the result is a marvellous combination of not only flavours but textures. The various Flavour combinations are endless and of course a premium can be charged for this delicious concoction.


With Mobile Ice Cream Vans costing upwards of £60k these days – mobilers need to not only maximise profits but also differentiate their business from the competition, i.e. offer something the competition can’t. Get Shave Ice’s two award winning Trade Mark protected brands Hawaiian Ice & Sno-Tubz trading on your vans now – because if you don’t your competition will !

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