Retailer Franch-ICE

A Retailer FranchICE is ideal for introducing Shave Ice products into existing operations such as Ice Cream Parlours, Cafes, Restaurants, Diners, Visitor Attractions, Cinemas, Bowling Alleys, Arcades etc.

We have two Ice Shaving machines which are suitable for this type of location - if the venue has potential for a high volume of Shave Ice products then a dedicated Ice Shaver (HSC32A) is the preferred choice being capable of producing very high quality Shaved Ice for prolonged periods. If the volume is not so high and the operator would benefit from the flexibility of producing a variety of other products i.e. Iced Coffees, Milk Shakes, Frozen Cocktails etc. then the Joytech SB20NE offers a better solution.

The above type of operations usually have in house ice making facilities available so the Shave Ice is produced virtually free – meaning astronomical margins are achieved on many of the products.

Both the above machines have extremely small footprints and therefore the countertop space required for a Shave Ice operation is minimal.

With prominent point of sale material to introduce and establish Shave Ice products a loyal and dedicated customer base will be quickly established – resulting in additional revenue and a significant increase in gross profits.

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Shaved Ice Franchise and Opportunities, Hawaiian Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Franchise Covering UK, Europe and Middle East.
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