Street Traders Franch-ICE

The Street Traders Franch-ICE is based upon 12v battery powered version of the Hatsuyuki Ice Shaver installed in either the self-contained Sno-Pod Cart or the novel and equally adaptable Shave Ice Trike. These two options offer the operator a stand alone self contained unit capable of retailing hundreds of pounds worth of product before a being replenished with ice and syrups. These two units are particularly attractive being “retro” in design, beening unusual and eye-catching customers are attracted to the units and encouraged to purchase. Once they have tried your delicious Shave Ice products you can rest assured they will become loyal customers and provide you with many repeat sales.

Many Towns and Cities are over subscribed with Street Venders and Councils are reluctant to issue new Licences for already existing products i.e. Ice Cream vendors, Burger Vans etc. but because of the uniqueness of the Shave Ice product and the attractive vending units Councils tend to be very enthusiastic regarding consents and permissible locations – they regard the product as complimentary and sympathetic to the European Piazza style culture they are trying to encourage.

A fully kitted out Cart or Trike including enough stock and consumables to retail your first £5000 in sales is available to lease for less than £60 a week. Given that the majority of Street Trading Licences can be obtained for less than £1000 per annum – this means you can have a fully operational business on the “street” for less than £100 per week – that’s approx. £15 per day. In the right location a Pod or Trike is capable of taking many hundreds of pounds a day – providing an unbelievable opportunity to establish a very profitable business.

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