What is an Ice Shaving Machine

An Ice shaving machine is a specialised piece of catering equipment that shaves ice so fine its closest rival is snow. It is compact (measuring 30.6 cm (w) by 40.2 cm (d) by 42.9cm (h)), about the size of a domestic food processor, and is easily cleaned.

All that's required is a power source and a supply of Ice cubes. Either make the ice cubes yourself or buy a bagful from the cash and carry.

Who is buying these machines

These machines, although little known in the UK, are well established in the Far East and the USA. Here we have 2 groups of customers:

  • The in-hand market - Here the machine makes a refreshing, colourful and attractive treat. We will provide the containers (flower cups) and special eating straws. The ice is shaved into the cup and the flavour (or any number of flavours) added directly to the ice. The whole process takes around 20 seconds. Customers in this market will be authorised to use the Hawaiian Ice™ brand and point of sale material.
  • Restaurants - Here the machine makes a beautiful dessert. Numerous recipes are possible using just the flavourings or combining these with other ingredients such as fruit or ice cream. They make a wonderful addition to the desserts menu. The products look fabulous in tall glasses or in any quality desert presentation. We have many recipe suggestions available for our clients. These include ideas for shared desserts - large central serving (perhaps containing sections with different flavours) which can be tasted by the whole table. Since Shave Ice machines originated in Asia it is not surprising that the Ices products are particularly suitable as an accompaniment for Chinese, Indian, Thai and Japanese cuisine. Some restaurants also use the Shave Ice machines to produce palate cleansers between courses.

Do you offer a machine maintenance service?

Yes. We carry a comprehensive range of spares for the Hatsuyuki Ice Shave Machines. If your machine needs repair we will loan you a replacement until our technician has it back in perfect working order. We have a 24 hour service line so that we can respond quickly to your needs.

Does the machine come with a warranty?

Yes. All machines supplied by Shave Ice Ltd. carry a 12 month warranty.

What after sales support do you offer

Our aim is to help you to make Shave Ice products into a successful adjunct to your business. Once you have purchased a starter kit you will be given a unique log in code to access the restricted trade area. Here you can replenish stocks of flavours and accessories on-line, and read about recipes, marketing and presentation ideas to grow your business.

Can anyone buy flavours and materials from you?

No. This is a service reserved exclusively for customers who have purchased Shave Iced machines from us.

As a part of the opening deal you will receive a unique log-in code to give access to secure in line purchase of flavours, accessories and advertising materials. You will also have access to recipe ideas and ideas to increase and develop your Shave Ice business.

Do you provide Point Of Sale materials

Yes. Some point of sale advertising materials are supplied as part of your first order. In addition new materials, including banners and posters are available for purchase on this website.

Shave Ice Ltd. will be promoting the Hawaiian Ice™ brand throughout the year. This includes a consumer website which you can view by following the links on the home page.

How long will it take me to make a profit

We are happy to give you all the details of costs and potential returns as soon as you contact us. However as an indication, sales of around 1300 in Hawaiian Ice™ treats will recover all the set up costs. Some of our customers report sales of up to 600 a day.

OK, it sounds interesting tell me more

Contact us and we will be able to answer further questions and show you how you can build a new business with Shave Ice.

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