Our Packages

Shave Ice will provide a complete package to start you off in business. All you need to add is a supply of ice cubes. There are three packages to suit all sizes of business.

The following will be included:

  • A CHUBU Hatsuyuki HC-S32A ice shaving machine
  • A range of flavours in 1 litre plastic bottles
  • Flower cups
  • A selection of point of sale advertising materials
  • Ideas for creating a range of products
  • A licence to use the Hawaiian Ice™ registered brand name
  • Login code for the secure trade area of our website
  • Machine warranty information and service hot line

Flower Cups

There could only be one cup for Hawaiian Ice™ and that’s the Flower cup. This bright and colourful in-hand container allows the Hawaiian Ice™ to sit perfectly within the drip tray. The flower cups are so eye catching, practical and fun that they are a walking advertisement.

Eating Straws

Is it a spoon? Is it a straw? NO. It’s a straw spoon!!!!

The only way to enjoy your Hawaiian Ice™ is with a straw-spoon. Unlike a slush, Hawaiian Ice™ is an eaten refreshment and thus the straw-spoon is the perfect way for your customers to ‘spoon it down’.

Advertising Material

A selection of advertising material is supplied with the starter order.

Further materials are available from the trade area of this website. New material is produced throughout the year.

Just like the Hawaiian Ice™ Product itself our advertising and POS materials are bright colourful and lots of fun.


As with the choice of machine, we felt that only the best quality flavours should be introduced to the European market.

To ensure the highest quality and most authentic flavours available we signed exclusivity agreements with two of the most prestigious flavour manufacturers in the United States.

This has ensured that our twenty five carefully selected flavours we are the most authentic, the most delicious and are the highest quality available.

Shaved Ice Franchise and Opportunities, Hawaiian Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Franchise Covering UK, Europe and Middle East.
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